UPDATE: Thank you! It's so beautiful! And it works GREAT!

A big special THANKS go to Elise and Todd Stickles of Digital Input Solutions for their kindness and patience. And well, to all of you. You made it possible! Expect some projects that were on hold due to the carpal tunnel to be ready soon!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am truly STUNNED. The support has been incredible! I have the best readers in the world. A humongous number of people have donated cash, wished me well, and offered good advice. I float in da love. No, really, I think I'll start floating any minute now!

As things turned out, it seems that the actual price of the tablet is gonna be a bit steeper since there's no Wacom provider where I live and I'll have to get it sent from somewhere else. BUT! Even when I still don't have the certain information of the actual cost -silly resellers- the donation drive went so high it surely provided enough for it anyway, and much more. The rest of the cash you donated, tho, will go towards the wrist as well: I'm putting it all apart for the worst case scenario. Should I require surgery, I already have some money for it, or if I have to stop producing merchandise/comissions for some time, I can keep my head above the water.

At the time I'm typing this -this means, barely 48 hours after the drive began- the total donation amount is over US$4000. It actually took me some hours to process the donation data. Donations and purchases go to the same account. And many of you guys supported me additionally by buying CRFH stuff! That account kept jumping up like crazy!

I actually find it funny now that I said that I'd start showing a progress bar on Wednesday. Heck, by Wednesday I probably would have enough to buy my very own robotic arm ^.^ But of course, that only speaks of the mighty, UNBELIEVABLE generosity of my readers.

So, to ALL of you... the ones who emailed with kinds word of support, the ones that donated money -from the humble to the insanely high donations-, the ones who offered advice, and the ones who apologized for not being able to donate. To ALL and everyone of you, THANK YOU. And to the rest, thank you as well for reading CRFH. I am honored, flattered, and more. I am deeply moved.

Floating in da love,

Maritza Campos
College Roomies from Hell!!!