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CRFH CANON FICTION (US$2 per chapter)
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Missing in Action

MIA Chapter 01: More or Less Officially Alive
(2000+ wds, 2 illos)
MIA Chapter 02: More or Less Officially Dead
(2000+ wds, 2 illos)
MIA Chapter 03: Down To Earth
(2000+ wds, 2 illos)
MIA Chapter 04: Incentive
(2000+ wds, 2 illos)
MIA Chapter 05: The Cold Calculations
(3000+ wds, 2 illos)
MIA Chapter 06: By Any Other Name
(3000+ wds, 2 illos)


Notebook Chapter 01: Attention
(2000+ wds, 2 illos)
Limited time only: FREE!
Notebook Chapter 02: Detention
(2400+ wds, 2 illos)
Notebook Chapter 03: Intention
(2300+ wds, 2 illos)
Notebook Chapter 04: Prevention
(2500+ wds, 2 illos)
Notebook Chapter 05: Privacy Violation
(2000+ wds, 2 illos)

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US $4.95

Point of No Return Series (CRFH #2-5)
Only US$19.90!!!

April's Secret Series
(CRFH #6-9)

Only US$17.90!!!(#8 digital version only)

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