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Ooooh yeah! *grin* July was a good month for CRFH... it got Best Writing and Best Serial in the Cartoonists' Choice Awards. Congratulations to all the nominees and the people behind the event because they did a terrific job. Special thanks to Sandra Delete (Boy meets Boy) and Graveyard Greg (Gaming Guardians) for drawing those nifty comics, and thanks a zillion to everybody out there who voted for me in any of the two rounds. I love you. And another award for CRFH! :D Award for Excellence in Character Development!
CRFH got the Damonk's Kicka** Comic Award for June! Thanks Damonk! Now go read Framed!

I'm honored! CRFH is #1 on the Fans Webcomics Top Ten! and #1 on the Comic Strips Top 100 of Planet Cartoonist! Thanks for your votes, people! ;)

Hallokeen 2001 is here! And there are CRFH pictures there. Go lookie ;)

CRFH was mentioned in an article in the Chicago Tribune, Feb 22. Thanks a bunch to all the folks working there specially Rob Elder, who interviewed me for it ;)

Results for CRFH Auditions!

CRFH Hallokeen Pic!. Go look at it. Marsha as Catwoman, and Mike needs no costume, of course!

Have you looked at the Keenspot Bikeeni Summer 2000 event? No? Oh well, not a lot to look at. Just girls in bikinis. Lots of them. Like Marsha here. ;)

So, you knew there was a conspiracy but just couldn't put your finger on it? Read all about it: Roger is a SUSBEC!

Hey all you Sluggites! I made a stuffed version of Bun-Bun! Take a look and tell me what you think!

Some time ago, when Roger's pet rock entered the scene, there was a contest to name it. The winner of the NAME THE PET ROCK! contest: Scott Loving (Spex and Wally online!) suggested the name "Fluffy". He also got the idea of the contest in the first place, by the way. I also got a whole stack of funny, cool names! Get a look here. Thanks to all of you who took part on it!

CRFH is proud to be part of the Keenspot Network. Visit our sponsors to support independent comic strips on the web